I’m just sort of… all over sighing in relief. Down to my blogging, apparently. Don’t really wanna party, just enjoy getting on with life without being all worried.

I was worried too, but mostly because I’ve had Fox News blasting at me for the past month talking about how much America hated Obama. And I almost believed it. They were cocky in thinking that Romney was going to win in a landslide - Karl Rove is STILL backpedaling.

Honestly I’m very proud with America right now, I was sort of worried that extremely backwards conservatives made up the majority and I was very happily wrong. I feel like we’re moving forward… though I am a little worried about Republicans in Congress filabustering EVERYTHING so Obama can’t get shit done.

On a much lighter note, I’m happy to say I’m going to enjoy the next for years of Michelle/Obama pictures.

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